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"Let Your Imagination Fly"

The Theme for 2015-2016 School Year

 Reflections Online Process All NePTAs



Step 1:        Use your State’s Reflections Guide to plan and implement
the program. This includes the National PTA contest rules.

Step 2:         Visit to access the online system. Here you 

                    will complete your PTA Registration Form.


Step 3:        Click “Add Student Winners” and enter name and email address for those qualified to complete student entry form(s). 
Qualified individuals include: Student 18+, parents (if the student is
under 18), or a PTA Volunteer. These email address must be different than the email address used to access the online system.


Step 4:        Communicate with the qualified users to know they will have an email notification that will invite them to complete the student entry form(s). Those who are now entered into the online system will receive an
email notification to complete their Student Entry Form.


Step 5:        Facilitate the completion of student entry forms and track email 

                   confirmations for anticipated applicants. NOTE: For users with multiple
                   student entries to complete, click “Add Submission” to generate 

                   another blank form.


Step 6:        Please allow 24-48 hours for student entries to process to the next round.


Step 7:        Follow the directions in your state’s Reflections Guide for
sending artwork to the next round of the contest. If needed, print your PTA Registration Form and email confirmations for completed Student Entry Forms.

Step 8:        Celebrate your Reflections Program’s success! Have fun recognizing
all participants and winners, volunteers, school staff and community members.

Registration Form
This form can be used by PTAs to prepare for completing the PTA online registration form to advance entries to the next round of the National PTA Reflections program.
registration form.doc
Microsoft Word document [106.0 KB]
Spanish-Registration Form
Las PTA pueden usar esta forma para prepararse para completar por internet la forma de inscripción de PTA para pasar las participaciones a la siguiente ronda del programa Reflections de National PTA.
Microsoft Word document [105.5 KB]
Consent Form
This form can be used to give students consent to participate in the Reflections program
Microsoft Word document [81.5 KB]
Spanish-Consent Form
Forma de consentimiento para el Programa Reflections de una PTA Local
Microsoft Word document [82.5 KB]
Entry Form
This form can be used by students entering a Local PTA Reflections program or for student winners to gather necessary information for completing the official Online Student Entry Process to advance to
Student Entry Form.doc
Microsoft Word document [91.0 KB]
Spanish-Entry Form
Los estudiantes que ingresan al programa Reflections de una PTA local o los estudiantes ganadores pueden usar esta forma para reunir la información necesaria para completar el trámite oficial en lí
Microsoft Word document [89.0 KB]
School Participation Form
This form can be used by the chairperson for the schools Reflection Program.
Local PTA Participation Form.doc
Microsoft Word document [109.5 KB]

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